On 15 September 2022, the main forum of the “2022 China High Level Forum on Information and Communication Industry Development” was held in Beijing. With the theme of “Digital Intelligence Empowering the Future”, the forum is dedicated to building a high-end platform to promote the new transformation and development of the information and communications industry.

At the conference, the “White Paper on Next Generation ODN Network Construction Solutions” of the China Communications Enterprise Association (CCEA), led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as “CICT”), was officially released, and the White Paper was interpreted by Han Dy, Deputy Director of CICT’s Terra Systems Laboratory and Chairman of TC4 of the China Communications Standards Association.

The white paper was organized by the China Communications Enterprise Association, with the participation of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China United Network Communications Corporation Research Institute, China Mobile Communications Group Design Institute Limited, China Telecom Post and Telecommunications Consulting and Design Institute Limited, Huawei Technologies Company Limited, China Communication Technology Group Limited, Putian Information Engineering and Design Service Company Limited, Beijing ICT Media Co.Ltd

Optical distribution network (ODN) is the foundation of fiber optic broadband network, as a physical facility connecting communication equipment room and broadband user equipment, it has entered the streets and alleys with broadband network, and is closely connected with the majority of communication users. The current facility form and construction mode of traditional ODN has been solidified for many years and faces many challenges. In the construction phase, it faces high civil engineering costs and long construction cycles; on-site fibre connections require fusion splicing and high labor costs. In the operation and maintenance phase, there are long-standing pain points such as repeated installation and maintenance operations affecting the quality of facilities and difficulties in managing “dumb resources”. Against this backdrop, the industry is actively exploring the evolution of ODN networks towards the next generation of “flexible and scalable, easy to maintain and deploy, highly reliable and precisely managed resources” through innovative technology leadership and digital intelligence management empowerment to support the high-quality development of networks.