Field Installable Connector

Field Installable Connector

The fiber connector is a reusable device connecting optical fibers. It joins and reschedules fiber path to transmit optical signal continuously with minimized impact. The fiber connector can be divided into factory assembly type and field assembly type. The field assembly type connector is specially designed for optical fiber termination in distributed construction field as fast connector in fast and easy installation. It contains mechanical type and fusing type. HI WIN’s HPCT1 field installable connector is a mechanical type field assembly connector. The installation is simple and no special requirements for the environment and tools. The connection result can be visually inspected after installation, which ensures the quality in addition to the improvement of efficiency and saving of the construction cost.







Cable type

Ø 2/3mm,2*3mm figure 8

Tensile (N)


Insertion Loss (dB, against reference connector)


Return Loss (dB, for single mode only)



Repeatable (time)


Operating Temperature (℃)

-40 to 85

Storage Temperature (℃)

-40 to 85