Adaptor Type Coarse WDM

Adaptor Type Coarse WDM

The WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexer) combines (or multiplexes) two or more optical signals with different wavelengths in one optical fiber, and can also be used to separate (or demultiplex) the wavelengths at the receiving end to improve the utilization of optical fiber resources. According to wavelength number and channel space it can be divided into coarse type (CWDM), dense type (DWDM) etc. The CWDM is an economical solution for less channels in 20nm space. With the development of 5G, MWDM (Metro-WDM, channel space 7nm) and LWDM (Lan-WDM, channel space 4nm) are evolved for more channel applications. HI WIN’s HWDM3 is a CWDM packed in a metal or plastic box with adapter output. It provides a robust and simple method for installing these devices into shelves or boxes. A wide selection of wavelengths, including MWDM, LWDM and connector types ensure long lasting compatibility.





4 channels

8 channels

16 channels

Operating Wavelength (nm)

1271 ~ 1611

Insertion Loss* (dB)




Adjacent Channel Isolation (dB)


Non-adjacent Channel Isolation (dB)


Uniformity* (dB)


Directivity (dB)


PDL (dB)


Polarization Mode Dispersion (ps)


Thermal Stability (dB /℃)


Operating Temperature (℃)

0 ~ +70

Storage Temperature (℃)

-40 ~ +85